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Last night I spied an owl sitting on a fence post.  We were coming down road in the dark and there he was enjoying the view of the black sky.  Off he went in “silent flight” when I stopped to say hi.  Don’t know if I have seen him before, or just his kinfolk,  but there are plenty of owls hanging around Carmel Valley.  Hear an owl hoot and I think of the wise owl from The Hundred Acre Wood.   Here in the land of Thousand Acre Wood full of Coastal Live Oak trees is the owl box my Johnny Appleseed Freind built for our property.  He also built a half dozen bluebird boxes which are hanging from these oaks.  Today I went to visit them….

Owls make me think of nursery rhyms.  They are always depicted as wise cartoonish charactser with spectacles.  They see everything near and far and can turn their heads practically around and have binocular vision…so why do they need to wear glasses?  It’s pure fantasy…just like this nonense rhym….

A wise old owl lived in an oak

The more he saw the less he spoke

The less he spoke the more he heard

Why can’t we all be like that wise bird.

A wise old owl lived in an oak
The more he saw the less he spoke
The less he spoke the more he heard.
Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird?

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Orange County, California is bread deprived.  What is astonishing is that few people really care.  Tell me where you can get a sandwich on true artisan bread here.  I have been on the hunt here for  26 years and it has always been this way.

Drive one hour north to Los Angeles and you can find real bread. Keep going to Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles and you can find legit bakeries.

In Salinas there are panaderias.  By the time you get to the Bay Area you can smell the San Francisco sour dough or the Artisan bread in practically every neighborhood.


Cactus Among Coastal Scrub

Cactus Among Coastal Scrub

One would think, after all these years that someone would fill void and realize there are people hungry for crusty, chewy, dense, fresh bread. If you are going to eat gluten it better be worth it.  Further  more, how can you go out for breakfast if you can’t get good toast with our eggs.  It is usually no different than grocery store bread and at its finest….La Brea Bakery mass produced inferior product.   People simply don’t know what they are missing and are satisfied with inferior, bland factory made bread.  It is now commonly referred to as Artisan bread – a title well deserved since baking bread the old fashion way has become a rare art form.

Like many other underwhelming culinary basics available here – I decided to learn the overwhelming art of baking my own artisan bread.


Check out the back story behind Josey the Baker and the Mill.  There is a lot more to baking bread than you think which is why you never waste a single slice of hand made bread.   Can always make croutons!

Josey Builds a Bakery! from Najeeb Tarazi on Vimeo.

the mill san francisco


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The fresh veggie juice craze is a healthy trend…one of the few facts most will agree on.  It’s a cheaper health ritual if you make your own drinks and don’t always feel the need to buy a $pricy joice from a juice shop.  II admit I feel like I am doing my body a favor when I drink a large green drink     So if we need to nourish our insides with a tonic of vitamins from plants  grown in the ground…it makes sense that the ground itself needs some of these vitamins and minerals replenished into the earth too.  All part of the cycle.

I have a Nurtabit blender that actually chops vegetables into a smoothy with a liquid base rather than squeeze the juice out of the plant.   IT’s one of the cheapest gadgets out there.   Either way, there is lots of waste – lots of waste.  But I don’t feel guilty because these veggie trimmings are going back into my worm compost bin where countless worms are munching away at my kitchen scraps.

This usually includes everything from from juice scraps …apple, cucumber, kale, melon, celery, parsley, carrots, pineapple….plus scrps that go beyond the juice machine – potato peelings, coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells, leek tops,   The only thing my worms avoid eating are citru peels, spicy peppers  and onion peel.  They can’t eat an avocado pit or hard nut shells.  They like pracitally anything….even pomograntes.  I also add blossoms from dead flowers sine a flower is the enter of lots of energy in a plant.  LIke a juice, they like a splash of water.

So once this bucket of scraps makes it to the compost bin….I tend to add a layer of darkness and blanket the works and waste with used egg cartons.  BEleive it or not…this gets eaten eventually too.  Something about paper pulp that they like to add to their menu.

So this black bin is pretty maintiance free.  I can leave on vaation for two weeks an things are composting jsut fine as long as I give the worms a wet drink before hand.   IN addition to the worm casing…they make worm tea which I can drain from the spigot at the bottom of the bin into the empty compost bucket.  I dilute this with water and then water my pots or a particularly needy plant.

But …like our bodies which feel better when we have induldge our gut with a green juice.  So soe our soil appreicate an amemdment made form the same vegeatable that often came from it in the first plance.  Kale out, kale in, swiss chard out – swiss cahrge in .  Apples out – appels in.

The worms do the hard part….I just have to chop things up so they break down faster.  jSo when that bag of spinach I forgot about in the fridge goes bad, I dont’ feel as guilty because it went back into the groud and not into the trash.

Mom’s black box doens’t smell.  Doesn’t get bugs.  Doen’t bother anyone….  Even the racoons have left it alone bedcause I keep two brcks on top of the lid.

So that’s my compost story.


I got my Wriggly Wranch worm bin  through the City of Solana Beach which has launched a remarkable regional program promoting compositing.  It’s a beginners bin and I have never bothered to upgrade.    There are endless options – here are a few to brouse through –

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How is California going to deal with Palm Springs?  has a terrific graph which outlines what fruits, nuts and veggies use the most water…and where.  Grist lives up to its slogan as a “beacon in the smog”.  This online environmental magazine also examined where people use the most the most water.  This is revealing.  Surely Palm Springers can’t justify using  700 gallons per day – per person.  This is way, way beyond the water used daily by folks in the rest of the state!  Time to dig deeper into this topic.  Desert dwellers need to see face reality check!  That figure does not include water used for agriculture but does it include water to irrigate the 120 golf courses in the Coachella Valley?  What’s more important to the California economy right now…..the ability to harvest vegetables that feed Americans across the country….or green grass to keep the golfers happy?  Sooner or later the drought may diminish and everyone will get more water coming their way.  Not so fast.  According to and other sources, California’s  drought could last decades.  But in the meantime…it is helpful to know where and how our water is currently being wasted.

Got to pay attention to the details. Our water habits are going to change.  Rationing is a word that is coming our way.

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Who gets thirsty just thinking about California’s drought?  Many consider but few act….denial has been epic. Yet our state’s water sources are thirsty for a long, slow drink and rain is not coming anytime soon.  The melting snowpack from California’s northern mountains which feed into our rivers, reservoirs, wetlands and the Delta has been pathetic.  Our aquifers are depleted and the groundwater table feeding wells is drying up.

Meanwhile, water from urban runoff damaging local creeks flows to the ocean and is foolishly lost.  Aliso Creek in South Laguna Beach, for example, is a gushing source of polluted water that drains into the ocean. There is an average water flow of 9.2 cubic feet of water per second a day draining from Aliso Creek to the sea. Lifeguards stand on the sand warning beachgoers not to wade or play in the area where the creek meets the ocean due to nasty water.  This is just one example of a startling missed opportunity to capture and treat precious grey water that could be used for irrigation and more.  Local water advocates and environmental experts have been raving about this situation for years with no one listening to them.  Advocates are urging action from the local, county and state government agencies – but the process is complicated and tedious. Of course!

Let’s focus the spotlight on golf courses for a moment.  Who knew that California has 1,1,00 courses but as of 2009 only 14% use recycled water to keep their greens green?  Many are quietly trying to adapt to the drought but the process is slow.  Did you know that hot Coachella Valley alone has 120  golf courses yet only 15 use recycled water?  Plus these Palm Spring area golf courses account for  24 percent of the local water consumption. Golf courses are thirsty places.

If you want to understand how California’s water moves from the mountains in the north through the Central Valley farmland and down, down into the Los Angeles urban sprawl read American Aqueduct:  The Great California Water Saga by Alexis Madrigal, Senior Editor at The Atlantic 2/24/14.  Madrigal’s article, an example of journalism at its finest, will make you thirsty for sure.  The engineered journey our water travels to spigots here in the southland is not comprehended.

Another interesting person to follow regarding California’s water crisis is UCI Professor Jay Famiglietti who warns that our groundwater supply is in dire straights and we are not paying attention. Dr. Famiglietti is a professor of earth system science and head of the UCI Center for Hydrologic Modeling. Read about his expert perspective and solutions.  Governor Jerry Brown recently appointed Dr. Famiglietti to the Santa Ana Regional Water Board.  Finally there is a scientist to help make public policy.  Good guy too.

The Newport Beach Public Library Foundation is bringing these ideas together for a free public forum on Saturday, May 30th.  UC Berkeley Professor Dr. Lynn Ingram, author of the remarkable book  The West Without Water will be speaking about the California drought.  People are finally listening attentively around the state to what Dr. Ingram has to say.  She will be joined by UCI Professor Dr. Timothy Bradley who is also the Director of the Salton Sea Initiative.   Registration for this event is crucial.  A crowd is expected.  You can read event details and reserve your seat online here.

One final reality check…..enjoy this funny video How Much Water Do You Use in One Day.  It’s way, way more than we think.

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Here is a follow up to my earlier post Midnight Burlers.  Two  ancient redwood tree vandals and burl poachers have been caught but more are at large.  The photo in this SF Gate article will make you cringe.  What a sad assault on a mighty, 2,000 year old living monument.  In the past two years alone, there have been  a half dozen incidents like this one.  Just shining a light on this issue.

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As we celebrate Earth Day…don’t forget to honor farmers here in America and abroad who grow the food we take for granted. A farmer’s job is never done. Ever.  It is a job that relies upon hard work, strength and luck. Mother Nature is a farmer’s business partner and a healthy planet keeps their business thriving. So we should do our part too and keep them in business.

A new generation is sharing farming stories like this one via social media.  This reminds us that farmers are “the few that feed the many”….and that is sure as the sunrise.


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Fashion Photo Shoot in Action

There was a fashion model in my garden…..a princess posing on the good earth while wearing gown after gown designed by Laguna Beach designer Jessica Barkley.  She has brought her beauties to South Laguna for photo shoots before, but this time my friend Nadine caught the scene on her iPhone.  What a vision for the neighborhood.  I have watched her business grow as she has watched my garden grow.

Riviera Magazine Shot

Jessica Barkley Atelier is located just south of Main Beach on the Pacific Coast Highway.  What a niche market – simply dresses.  Jessica also offers a rare service as a designer who will make a custom cocktail dress or evening gown for a special event.  This is good to know,  especially for women who appreciate how  exasperating the hunt can be for the perfect dress.  Day dresses are in her collection as well.


Brides comes to the Atelier to collaborate with Jessica on the bridal gown  they envision for themselves.  For girls – there are pretty, affordable prom dresses.  They are keepers too…not flimsy nothings that won’t get worn again.

Jessica was raised in Peru, educated in the US and has been a Laguna local for many years.  But her design sensibility comes from Paris where she regularly spends time among the best in the business.  She then bringing her ideas and resources back to home turf where fresh designs flourish.

How does she begin to visualize a the design of a dress?  Jessica starts by choosing choice fabrics each season and has the silks shipped directly from the mills – usually from Italy.  Her well selected color palate, like many shades of green in a garden, bring the dresses to life as well.  Already the garment has a fundamental  quality you don’t see anywhere else.  Dresses drape to a flattering fit.  Imagine that.  Visit the Atelier or shop online and view the dresses from this season.  The Atelier is open by appointment. You will appreciate Jessica’s design, craftsmanship and lovely spirit too.

Earth Goddess


Miami Fashion Week Look Book-0415
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